Parish Information

40th Anniversary of the Parish Celebration Sunday 28th October The Bishop will join us for a special celebration Mass at 1200 on 28th Oct, which will be followed by a bring and share lunch. All members of the Parish are welcome to the Mass and lunch and we are asking for your assistance with the following:

contributions of food, sweet or savoury. There are lists in the porch of the kinds of dishes we are looking so please sign up. If you wish to bring something not on the list, just add your dish to the list along with your name. If you can offer to make the anniversary celebration cake, please let Fr Philip know.

contributions to a display of 40 years of the Parish from the beginning to the present day. Do you have any photos, newspaper articles, artefacts, documents or other memorabilia? Please pass them to Gina Baker or Nicky Marks who are organising the display. Make sure your name is on the item, together with the year it refers to and what it means to the Parish.

– flags of the different nationalities in our Parish for decorating the church. Please bring your country’s flag on 28th Oct.