Parish Catechesis Years 1-5

 What we do in the Parish.

In the Latin Rite, the children prepare for their First Confession and First Holy Communion which takes place in Year 3.

In the Syro-Malabar Rite the child is baptised, confirmed and given First Holy Communion in infancy.

Later, in Year 5 the child will make their first Sacramental Confession and Solemn Communion.

For this reason the Parish Catechetical Programme is divided according to the liturgical Rite of the families: Latin or Syro-Malabar.

Catechism Classes in the Latin Rite

Year 1      Time  : 13h15-16h0

Dates:   09th Dec 2017 ,20th Jan 2018,  03rd Mar 2018,   08th Apr 2018, 09th Jun 2018

Year 2      Time:   10h15-12h45

Dates:02nd Dec 2017,03rd Feb 2018,17th Mar 2018,28th Apr 2018, 23rd Jun 2018

Year 3     Time :  13h30-16h00

Dates :  13th Jan 2018,24th Feb 2018,21st Apr. 2018,19th May 2018

Year 4      Time : 10h15-12h45

Dates :9th Dec. 2017,24th Feb 2018,24th Mar 2018, 21st Apr 2018, 19th May 2018

Year 5       Time :10h15- 12h45

Dates:    09th Dec 2017,20th Jan .2018, 10th Feb. 2018 ,03rd Mar. 2018, 21st Apr 2018, 12th May 2018