Readers & Cantors

Note to Readers: From time to time we will be hosting Seminarians who have received the Universal Ministry of Lector. They will be reading on the occasions when they are here.

The Rotas provide you with the dates and times of the Masses to which you have been assigned. Please take time to read through and note these dates in your diary. If you find there is a conflict with work or some other engagement that you cannot alter, then please contact Fiona Kirker on

CANTORS: Do not find your own substitute. You must rehearse before you exercise your ministry.

Punctuality is important for all concerned.It allows the priest to know that you are there and it gives you an opportunity to prepare spiritually for the duty you are about to perform. Please try and be there at least 15 minutes before Holy Mass begins.

To download click on the link below:     Oct-Nov-Dec-2019 Reader_Cantor rota