Helpers of Mother Teresa

As a Parish we try to help in the work of the Universal Church rather than concentrating on our own needs. Consequently, the following groups are ones with which we have a special affinity. We pray for them in their apostolate and try to help them financially.

We now have two outlets for our work.   The Charities Advisory Trust.   The Director of the Trust, Dame Hilary Blume, is able to visit India and Africa at least twice a year, and takes a supply of gifts to distribute and Hope and Aid Direct, which loads trucks with humanitarian aid and drives overland to Eastern European countries twice a year, mainly Kosova, Romania, Bosnia and Serbia, where there are many displaced refugees. Both of these charities have websites. Our main needs continue to be blankets, 4’ x 3’ or 4’ x 6’, or squares which we can make up into blankets;  baby clothes, children’s jumpers, hats, scarves, and educational materials.

Meets on the fourth Thursday of each month.

More details from Maureen Harper, 01223 891696 or